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A Three Bears bed for your furry friend
Heidi apprenticed with one of northern Minnesota’s
most respected snowshoe makers, Russell Merritt.
These beds are tied like the underfoot section
of his shoes, creating a supportive, light and
long-lasting bed.

Fairytail™ Furniture

Stable and stylish, Fairytail™ Furniture offers gentle support for your pet. With a choice of colors and stencil patterns, you can design your pet’s furniture to match your decor and interests.

Our design helps you keep your pet healthy and clean. The tied system offers flexible support,especially important for dogs with hip and joint concerns. The Comfy K9® Easy Care™ Crate Pad offers two inches of high density foam. The tied system and the pads work together to provide excellent orthopedic support.

The Easy Care™ Crate Pad has a fully machine washable outer cover and a soft waterproof insert liner to protect the foam. The pad’s top outer cover is made of soft Sherpa with a durable polyester bottom.

The frame design allows air to easily circulate for year round comfort in warm and cool weather.